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Zheng Yuting (Template:Zh) is an actress (also known as Nina Zheng or Candy(Template:Zh)) featured on the performance group Blackies.

Score in BlackiesEdit

Elimination Match ShowEdit

  • 2007-09-14:26th Elimination Match Show,Champion.
  • 2007-10-18:27th Elimination Match Show,Champion.

Other Match ShowsEdit


  • 09-25:Special Project - 100% Lovely Priestress(特別企劃 100%的可愛教主) (Winner)
  • 11-02:Interrogation Room - Undiscovered Beauty(偵查庭 深藏不露的美眉)
  • 12-25:Playact Class - How to be a sweety girl(表演課 學習做個甜心女孩 - Cyndi寶貝模仿大賽) (Winner)


  • 03-11:Home Economics Class - Creative Cuisine Match(家政課 美眉創意料理大賽) (Winner)
  • 07-10:Music Class - In Heart Love Song Prince(音樂課 唱到心坎裏的情歌王子) (Playact Winner)
  • 07-11:Playact Class - Asian Dancing King(表演課 亞洲舞王) (Winner)
  • 08-13: Beauty's Change(美眉們的蛻變) (Runner-up)


  • 04-02:Queen is Coming - Jolin's Successor Decision Match(天后駕到 蔡依林接班人決定戰) (Final Winner)



  • Channel V
    • 《Pop Beauty Wind》(美眉普普風)
      • Beauty Look World - Women Power(美眉看天下 女力天下(四))(2007-10-31,with Xiao Man
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Dancing Queen(美眉主題館 舞后對決)(2007-11-06,with Xiao Man
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Excellent Singer to be a Director(美眉主題館 歌而優則導)(2008-03-05)
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-03-14)
      • Beauty Super Star's Day - Cyndi Wang's Love Songs Day(美眉巨星日 王心淩情歌日)(2008-03-26,with Ya Tou
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Live Show (ep.1)(美眉主題館 演唱會(一))(2008-April,with Yong Tu
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-April,with Yao Jiao
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-May,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Beauty Request Song(美眉主題館 美眉來點歌)(2008-05-29,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-06-06,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Live Show (ep.2)(美眉主題館 演唱會(二))(2008-June,with Xiao Hua
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Good Girl's Love Song(21st)(美眉主題館 好女生的情歌(二十一))(2008-June,with Hong Shi
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-07-11,with Hong Shi
      • Beauty Theme Pavilion - Second Shoot(21st)(美眉主題館 二連發 (二十一))(2008-08-27,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty Pop Wind(美眉流行風)(2008-09-02,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty KTV(美眉KTV)(2008-09-12,with Wen Zi
      • Beauty Japan Wind(美眉東洋風)(2008-09-30)
    • 《Pop VJ Wind》(VJ普普風)
      • KT[V] Famous Love Song Of Jolin 2(蔡依林情歌經典 (二))(2009年5月13日)

recently joined hey girl along with one other new member.

Other ShowsEdit

  • Channel V《Where》(哪裡5打抗)(2008-09-14)
  • Gala Television Corp, GTV(八大綜合)《Entertainmen 100% Blackies - New Girls VS Old Girls》(娛樂百分百 黑澀會美眉-舊妹vs新妹)(2008-06-06)

Live ShowEdit

  • Lollipop "Why to Scare" Live Show (The performing guest)(棒棒堂「哪裡怕」小巨蛋演唱會 表演嘉賓之一)(2008-01-26)


Website LinkEdit


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