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Emily Wong (Traditional Chinese: 王歌慧) was born in 10 May 1990 [1]. She is a female artist of Amusic

In 2006, Emily made her first debut in a Hong Kong musical film A Melody Looking (directed by Leon Lai) and acted as Emily, a 16-year-old lovely and naive girl who seeks assistance from a detective to locate a girl. Her first song "I hear of... (Traditional Chinese: 聽說)" was released in the film. Then she collaborated with Leon Lai, Chapman To, Janice Vidal, Jill Vidal, Charles Ying singing along with them in the song, "I'll Never Fall in Love Again". Her first public appearance was "A Johnnie Walker Music Show" and soon caught the fans attention.

She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

On 2 July 2007, she released her first Cantonese single "Liar" (Traditional Chinese: 大話精) with Amusic.[2]

In 2008, reports began to circulate the situation whether or not Emily will ever be launched as a "new star" due to Amusic's decision to promote Emily.

Filmography Edit

Musical FilmEdit

Release Date Title Chinese Title Role
2006, Nov A Melody Looking 缘邀之音Emily

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

Released Date Single Title Label
2007, July 2 Liar Amusic

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