Template:BLP sources Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Ellen Joyce Loo is a member of the Hong Kong cantopop musical group at17. She was born in Canada on March 27, 1986. Loo learned classical guitar from her father at the age of nine. She entered the musical competition "Original Music 2000" (原音2000) with her older brother P.J. Loo in Hong Kong and together they won third prize. Loo was later signed by the music production company People Mountain People Sea and formed the group at17 with Eman Lam .

Apart from writing songs for her own group, she is also involved in the production and song writing of other singers' albums such as Miriam Yeung, Sally Yeh and Ken Chu.


  • Lost. Escape. Rockmuiology - A collection of the photographs she took over 3 years of her life with her Revue 35CC camera prior the publication, accompanied by a series of writings (in English). 240 pages, published by Youth Culture (青春文化) in July 2006, Hong Kong, ISBN 988-99184-0-4.[1]


  • Loo used her Bryan Adams Custom-made Guild Jumbo Box acoustic guitar in almost every concert before 2004.

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  1. Interview - Ellen Joyce Loo, Milk magazine 267, 2006

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