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Ehlo Huang (Template:Zh; born April 1, 1977, Taiwan) is Taiwanese actor and member of Taiwanese group 183 Club.


TV Series Edit

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Note
2003 Holding Hands Towards Tomorrow牽手向明天 Li Bo Shan
2004 In Love With A Rich Girl愛上千金美眉 Justin
Heaven's Wedding Gown 天國的嫁衣 阿Ken
2005 The Prince Who Turns into a Frog 王子變青蛙 Yu Rong as Li Da Wei (李大偉) 3rd Highest rating Taiwanese drama
2006 Magicians Of Love 愛情魔髮師
2007 My Lucky Star 放羊的星星 Zhao Shi San (趙十三)


  • Tai Bei Wang Jiu Chao Wu 臺北晚九朝五


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