Eddie Chow, 周俊威 is a music director and entrepreneur of music based in the United States. Eddie studied Bachelor of Music (Music Synthesis, Arrangement, Voice Performance & Songwriting) in Berklee College of Music (Boston) and Master in Music Industry Leadership and MBA in Northeastern University. He is well-known for music composition, arrangement, music event production and music instructor/educator.

Music WorksEdit

Specializing in jazz piano, music editing, design and mixing, Eddie has made great contribution in the music production area. Eddie has worked with various musicians from around the world on projects from USA, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia including singers Michael Wong, Gary Chaw, Superstars, Penny Tai, Daniel Lee, Maya Karin, Nur, Dayang and many others to name a handful.

In the education area, Eddie has taught in Lim Kok Wing University, Chambers Music Malaysia, International College of Music (Malaysia). He then sets up Opus Music Academy with determination to transfer knowledge that he gained in Berklee to anyone that is interested in learning music.

Eddie's great talent and interest in music has brought him to win various recognition and awards from different authorities. Eddie has won awards from Contemporary Gospel Music Competition (California, USA) in 1998 with the title 'Praise, Dream' and in the year of 2000 with the title 'Kingdom Of Heaven'. He has also won the best performance & 2nd runner up in 'Mcities Live Band Alert 2000 Competition' and various champions in singing competition since he was in primary school. By the end of the secondary schooling years, Eddie has obtained Diploma in Electone (Teacher’s Grade) from Yamaha Music Foundation.

Latest AlbumEdit

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Music Director - 周俊威,Eddie Chow
Executive Producer - Ludwig Lim
Language - Mandarin & Cantonese
Genre - Mix

Projects Edit

Eddie has worked on various projects such as :

Date Description
24th Apr 2009 Project for Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (Singapore)
14th Oct 2008 Temasek Secondary School (Singapore), Performance event management
June - Sept 2008 Project Mis-sion (Singapore) & We are the youth for the future Singapore, Arranger
2008 Chief Mixer Beijing Olympic 2008 Malay Promotional Theme Song
9th June 2007 Bianco Hair Show
Apr 2006 Victor Wong (Pin Guan)'s Charity concert at Brunei, Keyboardist

He has also done various works on producing, arranging, and mixing for Lovina Woo’s, Roger Wang, Mia-Germain Palencia's projects, Major Barbara Tipper’s project (Australia), Arland Bishop’s Album Project. (USA, Texas), MK Productions, Actor’s Studio, Malaysia, composer and arranger for Henry Chong’s Album (Singapore), Lydia Chew’s Album (Malaysia)

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