Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Don Li is a Hong Kong singer and actor of the Emperor Entertainment Group, Music Icon Records. Don Li was a finalist in Talent Show 2002 in Hong Kong. In 2003, he began his career in the entertainment industry by acting in television series. In 2005, Li and Mandy Chiang began their music careers as a duet couple. In January 2007, Chiang announced that she and Li will both continue their music careers as solo artists.

Since 2009, the Hong Kong singer/actor has been actively pursuing an acting career in the Mainland, with a recent television idol drama hit Zhang Xiao Wu De Chun Tian (张小五的春天). On July 14th 2010, Don released his much anticipated new Mandarin EP titled For My Dearest, in which Don has personally involved in much of the production of this new album, from selection of songs and style, to cover design and music video direction. This EP features five songs of single-word titles elucidating the different stages of a romantic relationship, infatuation, separation, reunion, and finally enlightenment. The EP also includes a bonus DVD containing 3 music videos, one of which features Vincy Chan and Yumiko Cheng.

Television SeriesEdit



  • Don Li - The Single (2003)
  • Don & Mandy (2005)
  • Don & Mandy - Rainy Lover (2006)
  • Don & Mandy - Winter Lover (2006)
  • Don Li - 李威樂 (2007)
  • Don Li - For My Dearest (2010)
01. 倆
02. 零
03. 誰
04. 悟
05. 快
06. 誰 (粵語)
01. 零
02. 誰
03. 倆

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