Template:BLP sources Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Deanie Ip is a Cantopop singer and Chinese actress, known for supporting roles. She has won the Hong Kong Film Awards twice (both for Best Supporting Actress), while her Cantopop albums were released by Universal Music Group and several local labels. She speaks Cantonese, Dapeng dialect, Mandarin and English.

Name Edit

Deanie Ip is frequently referred to as "Deanie Yip" although her surname is officially romanized as Ip.

Music career Edit

In the 1980s, Ip released five albums with a local producer. After complaining about the direction of the Cantopop industry and falling out with her then label, Black and White, Ip chose to retire from music in 1988 and went into semi-retirement, with occasional roles in movies. She returned to the Cantopop scene in 2002 with an EP, which, along with a live recording of her 2002 concert in Hong Kong, were both released by Universal Music Group. In the mid-90s she teamed up with male star Andy Hui to produce the hit duet "教我如何不愛他" (lit. "He teaches me how not to love him") and again in 2004 for the award-winner "美中不足" (lit. "A minor defect in something otherwise perfect").

Awards Edit

Ip has been recognised in several occasions for supporting actress roles.

Ip has won the Best Supporting Actress awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards twice, for her roles in Dances with Dragon (11th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1991), and in My Name Ain't Suzy (5th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1985). Ip also had three other nominations for Best Supporting Actress for Wrong Wedding Trail (4th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1984), Spiritual Love (7th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1987) and for Murder (13th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1993).

She has also won Best Supporting Actress at the 36th Golden Horse Awards for Crying Heart.

Filmography Edit

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