Template:Otherpeople Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Daniel Chan Hiu-tung, born on 3 September 1975 in Hong Kong, is a popular Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor. He is most notable as one of the young talents in the 1990s music scene.


Chan began his singing career in 1994 as a promising talented young singer. He performed in the big budget Chinese New Year movie alongside Stephen Chow in The Lucky Guy in 1998. Later he starred in the film A War of No Desire where he acted as Francis Ng's brother. In 2000, following the death of his manager Rebecca Leung, he began changing his singing style which eventually halted his singing career.[1] Chan is however most well known for his appearance as an actor in the movie Feel 100% II (2001) and the resulting TV series Feel 100%.

Discography Edit


Year Title
1995 Template:Lang / Open Up The Sky
1995 Fly With Me
1996 Template:Lang / Understand Your Everything
1996 Sentimental Remix
1996 U R My Only Love
1996 Daniel Chan 1997
1997 Template:Lang / Care About Your Feelings
1997 Template:Lang / Heart Touch
1997 Template:Lang / Mind Games
1997 Electric Joy EP
1998 AVCD
1998 Holiday
2008 Love Moments


Year Title
1997 Template:Lang / The Heart Already Knows
1998 Template:Lang / Close To Heart
2003 Perfect Love
2008 Template:Lang /Daniel Chan New Mandarin Album

Filmography Edit


Year Title Role
1994 Golden Gate Doo-wop singer
1996 Template:Lang / Hu-Du-Men Wang Wen Jun / 王文俊
1996 Template:Lang / Best of the Best Chan Xiao Tung / 陳曉東
1997 Template:Lang / First Love Unlimited Shen Zhi Kang / 沈志康
1998 Template:Lang / The Lucky Guy Li De Nan / 李得男
2000 Template:Lang / The War Named Desired Fang Long Jun / 方龍俊
2000 Template:Lang / For Bad Boys Only
2001 Template:Lang / Feeling 100% II Xu Le / 許樂
2001 Template:Lang / Except a Miracle Chen Lan Yu / 陳藍雨
2002 Template:Lang / Loving Him Xiao Dong / 小東
2002 Template:Lang / Far From Home Jack
2004 Template:Lang / Feroipenme-T Wen Shan / 文山
2010 Template:Lang / The Double Life
2010 Template:Lang / The Perfect Match Lao Zhuai / 老拽
2010 Template:Lang / Ai Qing San Shi Liu Ji

TV SeriesEdit

Year Title Role
1996 Template:Lang / Night Journey Liang Dong / 梁東
2001 Template:Lang / The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung Emperor / 皇帝
2002 Template:Lang / Feel 100% Jerry
2002 Template:Lang / Feel 100% II Jerry
2003 Template:Lang / 20/30 Dictionary
2004 Template:Lang / Eternity (A Chinese Ghost Story) Ning Cai Chen / 甯采臣
2004 Template:Lang / Yi Qian Ge Qiu Tian Nan Feng / 南風
2005 Template:Lang / Xiang Fen Chuan Qi Lin Yi Ruo / 林一若
2006 Template:Lang / Hai De Shi Yan Ou Yang Zheng / 歐陽正
2006 Template:Lang / Yan Dao Xiao Fei / 蕭飛
2007 Template:Lang / The Fairies Of Liaozhai Gu Xiang Ru / 顧相如

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