Cool Silly

Cool Silly

Cool Silly (傻酷樂團) is a Taiwanese-American mainstream pop band trio consisting of producer/singer Tone (仲維軍), singer/composer Ray Liu (劉軒蓁) and rapper/actor Leeway(藍力威). Renowned artist Tone (仲維軍) formed his own band after releasing his first debut album titled "我的6:57am", and recruited the other two members to form Cool Silly. They are well known throughout Taiwan with their hit "Fly" (我飛), which was the theme song for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition(2010 臺北國際花卉博覽會). The song attracted many fans, which led to Cool Silly's debut in 2010 with the release of their first digital album, Cool Silly: The Prelude. Since their debut, they have often been compared with the Popular Taiwanese rock group, F.I.R., because of the similar formation of band members and attractive performance personalities.

The name Cool Silly comes from the band's ideology that "a person can't be cool unless they're silly as well". The band insists that the personality of their music is not only "cool" but "silly" as well.>


RayRay (劉軒蓁)

  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Birthdate: 30 May (1985-05-30) (age 33)
  • Musical Instrument: Keyboard

Tone (仲維軍)

  • Birthplace: Austin, Texas
  • Birthdate: 1 December (1983-12-01) (age 34)
  • Musical Instrument: Guitar, Keyboard, arranging music on the computer

L.Dub (Leeway, 藍力威)

  • Birth place: Queens, New York
  • Birth date: 26 June (1983-06-26) (age 35)
  • Musical Instruments: Violin, Guitar, keyboard, piano


Studio albumsEdit


  • 2009-Oct-XX — Fly(我飛)

Other InformationEdit


  • RayRay finished her Biochem degree at University of Washington in 3 years, and was offered a scholarship to Yale University Biomedicine grad program in 2006, but turned it down to pursue her dream in music. Soon after she came to Taipei she was selected by "Super Star Avenue".
  • Leeway has never met his biological mother.
  • RayRay placed 11th on the second season of the popular Taiwan Singing competition "Super Star Avenue", in which is the same competition that brought Youtube sensation Lin Yu Chun to instant fame.
  • Tone starred in the US independent film "Binary City" in 2006. He played the lead role, "Tony".
  • In June 2009, Leeway was cast as superstar David Tao's best friend in his director/producer romantic music movie, "Secret Love" (暗戀). Leeway also played the part of "Jerry" in the music video "Play" for David Tao's album Opus 69.
  • Tone is the CEO and creator of the popular website GeekWhat?.

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