Chyi Chin (s=齐秦|t=齊秦; Qí Qín; born January 12, 1960 in Taichung, Taiwan), is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter.

Early lifeEdit

When he was young, his father had a strict daily regimen of study that started at 5 AM. His studies varied from English music and literature to classical Chinese literature and Tang Dynasty poetry. Chyi, however, did not enjoy reading, and once he reached his teenage years, his father’s pushing resulted in troubles, and Chyi joined a local gang in defiance of his father. This decision landed him in jail for three years. During his period in prison, Chyi Chin learned to be introspective and kept a diary. Prison was also the first place where he earned an appreciation for music. The prison had a guitar in the courtyard for the "juvenile delinquents’" recreation, and Chyi taught himself how to play on it.

After his time in jail, Chyi Chin and his older sister, Chyi Yu, often sang together at home. Chyi Yu, by then already a famous singer, gave Chin his start in the field. After every time she sang "The Olive Tree" (橄欖樹), she would tell the audience that her brother could sing it even better than she could. After a duet in Hong Kong with her brother, she gave him an expensive guitar, which he practiced on every day.


Chyi started his formal career in 1981 with the album See her Slip Away Again (又見溜溜的她). From there, his popularity grew. He released the smash hit "Wolf" in 1985 and opened up Rainbow Studios the same year.

Chyi groups his music career into two periods: the wolf period (pre 1992) and the deer period (after he converted to Buddhism in 1992). He attributes the titles of the two periods to "Wolf", the hit single he released in 1985, and a poem that a fortune-teller told him. "The deer bleats/gently the hunter’s rifle muzzle it greats/gently it topples down/ still looking at the hunter with gentle emotion in its eyes" ("鹿哨呦呦/ 溫柔地走近獵人的槍口/ 溫柔地倒下/ 依然用溫柔的眼神看著獵人").


Deer Period WorksEdit

  • 网友專輯 (2003)
  • 呼喚 (2002)
  • 曠世情歌全紀錄 (2000)
  • 西藏演唱會 (1998)
  • 世紀情歌之謎 (1998)
  • 我拿什么愛你 (1998)
  • 97狼-黃金自選集 (1997)
  • Longer (1997)
  • 絲路 (1996)
  • 純情歌 (1996)
  • 痛并快樂著 (1995)
  • 命運的深淵 (1995)
  • 暗淡的月 (1994)
  • 黃金十年 (1994)
  • 無情的雨無情的你 (1994)

Wolf Period WorksEdit

  • 狂飆 (1992)
  • 柔情主義 (1991)
  • 愛情宣言 (1990)
  • 紀念日 (1989)
  • 流浪思鄉 (1988)
  • 大約在冬季 (1987)
  • 棋王 (1987)
  • 狼Ⅱ (1987)
  • 冬雨 (1987)
  • 出沒 (1986)
  • 狼的專輯 (1985)
  • 又見溜溜的她 (1981)

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