Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Chrissie Chau (traditional Chinese: 周秀娜) (born 22 May 1985 in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China) is a Hong Kong actress, (mainly in minor roles) and a pseudo model which is also known as liang mou in Hong Kong. Chau with her usual provocative photos shots and photo album was titled Hong Kong's Young Model Pictorial Queen.[1] She has appeared in a few advertisements which was the starting point of her career.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology IncidentEdit

Chrissie Chau was invited as a guest for a talk show at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology at late 2009 along with Professor Dr. Li of Lingnan University and some of the students from the campus. Despite the professor having some errors in his preparations earlier on, a lot of questions that where asked and made Chau had a hard time comprehending and replying them. Especially with some of the basic English words that were used by Dr. Li, Chau only replied either "I don't understand". or "What you are saying is difficult". The highlight of the incident is when some students (who were clearly against her) asked her some question in which she showed sign of frustration and agitation which was later reported by local tabloid's. Some criticize her lack of professionalism whilst others ridicule her 'immature' attitude. A lot of people even had 'doubts' on how long will she be able to survive in the entertainment industry with that kind of attitude.

Anthony Wong Chau-Sang IncidentEdit

Veteran and long time Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has openly criticize and ridicule liang mous specifically 'Chrisse Chau' calling them (and her) brainless and overall a "bimbo" during July 2010 in a few open events.[2] This has come upon a recent book fair controversy, where pseudo models such as liang mous are banned from the event and their effortlessly 'rant' for unfairness to the public. Many people in Hong Kong do not agree with liang mous ideas and concepts and their 'ways' of getting into the spotlight.


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