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Chen Zeyu is a Chinese actor, model, singer,and is as a member of the Chinese boyband Go Go Club (traditional Chinese name: 兄弟聯; simplified Chinese name:兄弟联).


Chen Zeyu was a member of the Chinese Youth National Badminton Teamuntil 2002. [1] At 19, he retired because of leg injury, and he began his career as a fashion model. In 2005, he joined Manhunt International contest, took the 3rd Runner-up.[2] In 2006, he joined the My Hero Competition and rose to fame after winning tenth place, and sighned with the agency SMG Dong Fang Zhi Xing. In 2007, he joined Chinese boy band "Go Go Club", and released their first single,Endless Engagement (漫长的约会).




  • 2007 My Prince(青蛙王子) as Su Ze
  • 2008 The Prince of Tennis(网球王子) as Zhou Zhu
  • 2009 Armor Hero(铠甲勇士) as Ze Xi
  • 2009 The Prince of Tennis 2(加油!网球王子) as Zhou Zhu

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