Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi is a Hong Kong actress and cantopop singer based in Hong Kong. She is the wife of Nicholas Tse, thus being the daughter-in-law of Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Deborah Lee (狄波拉). She and Nicholas have a son, Lucas.[1] She is considered a "Sing girl"—an actress who first received media attention through starring alongside Stephen Chow, and later went on to have a successful career of her own.[2] She was also involved in the 2008 Edison Chen photo scandal.

Biography Edit

Cheung was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese father and a half Chinese-half British mother.[3] Her parents divorced when she was just a child after which she was sent to Australia to live with her aunt at the age of fourteen. She has an elder half-sister Dai Pek-Chi, two younger brothers and a younger half-brother from her father's side.


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Her career began in 1998, when she was offered to appear in a TV commercial advertising lemon tea. She caught the attention of Stephen Chow after shooting the ad.[3] Later, Cheung made her film debut as a young nightclub hostess in Stephen Chow's King of Comedy (1999), followed soon after by Fly Me to Polaris (1999).[3][4] The latter role earned her the award for Best Newcomer at the Hong Kong Film Awards.[4][5] In the same year, Cheung launched her singing career with her first Cantopop album Any Weather (1999). For Derek Yee's romantic drama Lost in Time (2003), Cheung won the award for Best Actress at the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards.[6] She played a young woman who lost her fiancé to a traffic accident which left her as a grieving single mother struggling to make ends meet.


Cheung has been linked to Hong Kong male singers such as Daniel Chan and Jordan Chan.[7] She then dated Nicholas Tse in early 2002, but then split with Tse late that year when Tse got back with his ex-girlfriend, singer Faye Wong. Later she was rumored to have dated a younger John Kim(Rumored to be homosexual) before the relationship ended in 2003. Cheung suffered serious depression and eating disorders after the break-up with Tse.Template:Citation needed Cheung and Tse were first reported to be "getting back together" in early 2006 and on 31 July 2006, Tse officially admitted dating Cheung in an interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong 881/903.

In September 2006, Tse showed off his wedding ring at the Hong Kong International Airport, announcing he and Cheung had been married in a secret wedding ceremony in the Philippines.[8]

On the 8 January 2007 episode of TVB's Entertainment Scoop (東張西望), Nicholas' father, Patrick Tse, confirmed that Cheung was approximately three months pregnant with the couple's first child. Around March 2007 on the episode of TVB's Entertainment Scoop (東張西望) it was said that their child, a baby boy, is due in August. On August 2, 2007, Cheung gave birth to a son, named Lucas.[1][8] On May 12, 2010, she gave birth to the couple's second son, Quintus.


1999 Triad threat incidentEdit

In 1999, her triad member father got into a misunderstanding with a rival gang. As a result, Cheung received rape and death threats against her, when she was still relatively new in the film industry.[3]

2008 Edison Chen Photo scandalEdit

Main article: Edison Chen photo scandal

In January and February 2008, many explicit photos were found online involving Cecilia Cheung and Edison Chen. The scandal also involved Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan.[9]



  • C1 (2005)
  • Colour of Lip (至愛唇色(新曲+精選)) (2003)
  • True self (真我) (2002)
  • Newest Image (最新形象) (2001)
  • New Experience (全新經驗(新曲+精選)) (2001)
  • Party All the Time (2001)
  • Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝同名國語專輯) (2000)
  • A Brand New Me (不一樣的我) (2000)
  • 903 California Red Concert (2000)
  • Destination (1999)
  • Any Weather (任何天氣) (1999)


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