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Cathy Yu-Yan Leung is a female Cantopop Singer and Hostess.



Just graduated from high school, Leung was discovered by Boombeat Music in 2004 for her talent in singing. After signing up and becoming an official singer, her manager and family advised her to complete her university degree before deciding whether to continue in her career or not [1]. Meanwhile, her company organized her to participate in big events and MV's, mainly with other big singers in the company such as Ella Koon [2][3]. During this time she recorded her first two songs, <<I was here>> and <<The whole world love-lost>>.


In 2006, Leung decided to stop all her singing activities, and to totally focus on her education [4]. Still participating in public events however, she won the <<CASH>> Cantopop Singer/Lyricist Award. At the end of the year, she was invited to host the show Boom Sanctuary, taking over Kay Tse due to pregnancy.


Completing her degree in university, Leung officially became a singer, joining the 2007 New Singer's cohort. In July, she sang her first official debut song, <<Why, Why>> [5] with success. On 9 September she released her first album Under the Sun[6].



  • TVB 2005 - "DIVA Most Harmonic Piece"
  • The 18th "<<CASH>> Cantopop Singer/Lyricist Award" - Award Piece: Two Seater


  • TVB 2007 "Beautiful Pink Lady"


  • Metro Hit Radio - "New best singer 2007-Bronze"
  • Road Show ultimate singers 2007 - "Ultimate New Singer 2007"

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