The Black Lung Inner City Choir is a trio that was formed in Taiwan, by three Canadian Musicians.

The Black Lung Inner City Choir was formed in 2003 in Taichung Taiwan by Nick Fothergill, Pat Reid, and Brad Whitmore. They have since played over 300 live shows in Taiwan, Canada, and other parts of Asia. It has been 3 years since The Black Lung Inner City Choir released their debut album "If I Leave For home".


If I Leave For Home. PNB Publishing, 2005.

The album features one song sung by the band in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. It also features collaboration with a singer from the Amis tribe who accompanies the band in her native language. She recites a love poem in her native language over the beginning of a track and then joins in the harmony for the rest of the tune. She also recorded an a cappella number in her native language for the album.


The Black Lung Inner City Choir's debut release "If I Leave For Home" is in CBC Radio Canada's national music library and is available for play on all CBC national networks.

The Black Lung Inner City Choir was the feature of CBC Radio's "Fresh Air" on August 5, 2006. The show was from 8am to 830 am.

The Black Lung Inner City Choir performed at TaiwanFest, the largest non-profit dedicated to promoting Taiwanese culture in North America.

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