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B.A.D. was a Taiwanese boy band whose members are Ben Pai, Alex Tien, and Danny Huang. The group's name comes from the first initial of each member's name. Pai, Tien, and Huang met at a singing competition in Los Angeles, and began working together in the spring of 1998.[1] The trio was recommended to Liu Wei-tz'u, a manager who eventually sent them to Taiwan to work with EMI.[1]

Under EMI, the trio released their first album, Not Quiet, on December 30, 2000. Although B.A.D's debut stayed under the radar, their second album, released in November 2001,[2] put the group into the spotlight. That album, All I..., earned a Best Group Award at the 13th Golden Melody Awards and a nomination for Best New Artist at the 8th CMA Awards.[3][4] In 2003, B.A.D. was nominated again for Best Group at the Golden Melody Awards,[5] but lost to S.H.E.[6]

Members Edit

Each member of B.A.D. grew up in Taiwan prior to studying in the United States. Ben Pai, born August 2, 1979, attended California State University, Los Angeles during his tenure with the group.[7] Alex Tien, born September 12, 1979, attended the University of Southern California during his time with the group, and graduated in June 2002.[7] Danny Huang, born July 9, 1978, was a student at the Musicians Institute.[7] For most B.A.D. tracks, Pai sings the high notes, Tien sings the middle notes, and Huang sings the low notes.[8]

Discography Edit

  • Not Quiet (2000)
  • All I... (2001)
  • Song To My Lovely Queen (2002)
  • Beginning of My Dream (2003)
  • B.A.D (2004)

Awards and nominationsEdit

At the 3rd Global Chinese Music Awards, two songs—"Half an Ocean" and "Kingston's Dream"—combined to form B.A.D.'s nomination for Best Group.[9] Best Group honours were ultimately won by Yu Quan, who won the Bronze Award, Twins and S.H.E, who shared the Silver, and F4, who won the Gold Award.[10]

Year Event Award Work Result Ref
Golden Melody Awards Best Group All I...
CMA Awards Best New Artist B.A.D.
Global Chinese Music Awards Best New Artist B.A.D.
Top 20 Songs of the Year "Lost Contact" (失了聯絡)
Golden Melody Awards Best Group Song To My Lovely Queen
Global Chinese Music Awards Best Group B.A.D.
Most Popular Male Artist "Half an Ocean" (半個海洋)
Top 20 Songs of the Year "Half an Ocean" (半個海洋)




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