Template:RefimproveBLP Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Athena Chu (Chinese: 朱茵; jyutping: zyu1 jan1; born 25 October 1971) is a Hong Kong actress and a singer.

Biography and career Edit

Chu attended The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 1990 to 1992, during which time she hosted children's shows on Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), a Hong Kong television station.[1] After graduating in 1992, she began to appear in films, and dated Hong Kong actor Stephen Chow for several years, co-starring with him in A Chinese Odyssey.[1] Her roles with Chow kick-started her film career, and she is considered one of the Sing girls. Later, she moved on to work on Hong Kong TVB dramas and worked with such pop stars like Leon Lai in The Legendary Ranger.Template:Citation needed

After leaving TVB, Chu worked as a model and continued acting in films during the 1990s.Template:Citation needed In 2000, she started working in mainland Chinese and Taiwanese broadcast companies, appearing in severalTemplate:Weasel-inline Mandarin TV series.Template:Citation needed She co-starred with Dicky Cheung in Duke of Mount Deer 2000. She is dating Paul Wong from Beyond Band for many years.


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