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Ann Mui (梅愛芳) (1959 - 16 April 2000) was a singer and actress. She was the older sister of Hong Kong actress and singer, the late Anita Mui and two brothers. Her mother remarried after her father died.

She is best remembered for her supporting roles in many movies, especially Jackie Chan's Police Story 2. She died of cervical cancer (like her sister), leaving her spouse Lap-Tak Poon and two sons.


  • 1995 - Farewell My Dearest
  • 1995 - Chicken A La Queen
  • 1992 - Police Story Part II
  • 1992 - Stagedoor Johnny
  • 1989 - Burning Ambition
  • 1989 - The Iceman Cometh
  • 1989 - They Came To Rob Hong Kong
  • 1989 - Touch and Go


zh-yue:梅愛芳 zh:梅愛芳

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